Susie Aden Recognized as IHA Hospital Hero!

Susie Aden Recognized as IHA Hospital Hero!

The Pocahontas Community Hospital is honored to have Susie Aden recognized as a 2018 Iowa Hospital Hero!  It is often said that a facilities success is directly related to the people that work there and employees like Susie are what makes that saying a reality. 

As Director of Inpatient Services, Susie is responsible for overseeing all Inpatient and Emergency Room Services.   Employees who work in a rural hospital setting are expected to have a multitude of skills that allow them to work in a variety of settings and Susie does just that.  She also manages Employee Health, Infection Control, Policy and Procedure, and is the Medical Staff Liaison. 

Susie has also worked on many special projects over the years to include such things as working with the local County Magistrate to establish a process to manage mental health patients through our Emergency Room as well as incorporating hospital processes with the local clinic to ensure the continuation of care to patients as they are discharged from our hospital or emergency room. 

She is also very involved  in the community as well as she has trained to be a leader of Stephen’s Ministry at her church and is also very passionate about mental health issues that the people of our state face every day.  Susie also keeps very busy in her role as a farmer’s wife and a very dedicated mother and grandmother, which is a role that she enjoys very much! 

Susie is not only well respected within our walls but also throughout our entire region, but the respect and relationship she has with her staff is second to none.  The expectations for the nursing department have been set very high, but her willingness to assist whenever and wherever she is needed proves to her staff that these expectations are not only for them but also for her!  She routinely covers night and weekend shifts, not because she has to, but because she knows its part of her job.

There is no question that Susie Aden makes a difference every single day to the staff, providers, and most importantly the patients we serve and this is why she is our Hospital Hero!